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The famous masterclass of Dale Carnegie’s masterclass: Stand and Deliver Summary with my own personal notes. Clear, Practical, Ready to Go!

Masterclass Notes – Dale Carnegie

What Will You Learn?

  • Communication skills play an integral role in a leader’s ability to get her message across. In fact, it's an absolutely essential leadership trait. One of the first books I picked up when I first decided to polish up my own speaking skills was “Public Speaking for Success” by Dale Carnegie (highly recommended). Shortly after reading the book, I was hungry for more, so I picked up an audio program called “Stand & Deliver” – also by Dale Carnegie. The program is about 4.5 hours in length, and it's jam-packed with useful speaking strategies, just as applicable for the modern-day social entrepreneur as they are for old-school leaders of yesteryear. In this Masterclass, you are getting my personal notes from the Audio Masterclass, the highlights. Let’s begin!

Course Content

Session 1 – How to prepare to the D-day without the fear of freezing on stage?
Session 1, CD 1, recording 01-06 is all about how to be ready to an event when you don't have anything to say & when you are in doubt about yourself. We will discuss some of my techniques of dealing with your fears.

  • Part 1 – Preparing Your Speech?
  • How to prepare for the D-day without the fear of freezing on stage?

Session 2 – First Contact with the audience Three Accume Process
Lessons 07-11. How to address the audience; How to make first powerful contact even when you're shaking your balls off; Silent communication skill.

Session 3 – Stage Fear and Mental Mindset Tuning
Lessons 12-16. Desire >> Knowledge >> Confidence. Actions seem to follow feelings.

Session 4 – Using Humor in Lectures
CD 02 - Lessons 08-14. If you have humor naturally, you have a crucial advantage. This is key to being a top-level performer.

Session 5 – Strong opening & closing, Stories, 5 skills you have to master.
CD 03, Lessons 07-16 - Open & Close strong; Power of stories; 7-second time-frame; Five skills: Invention, Arrangement, Style, Memory, and Delivery.

Session 6 – Strategies for winning the audience to your point of view
CD 04 - Lessons 06-10. How many times an audience need to be exposed to a product or service for them to know it exists? That and much more in this session.

Session 7 – Q & A is a major part of being a great Speaker!
CD 05, Lesson 11. Time Frame, Have a Q&A session how to prepare for this part, and how to avoid "traps" from one's don't have your best interest.

Session 8 – The Power of Strong and Memorable Happy Ending.
CD05, Lesson 12. Strong ending need to lead to a Call To Action; What mistakes you should avoid. Why you need to have an upsale ready for each event you may attend?

Graduation Party – Congratulation!
Get your certificate, and your special bonus of which I can't expose yet.

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