Detoxification – What They Don’t Want You to Know!

Detoxification – What They Don’t Want You to Know!

In modern times, you are subjected to various forms of toxins in your daily life even more than in ancient times. Some toxins are occurring due to the natural way of living and some are implemented by the governments, for malicious reasons which we will discuss briefly later on.


The liver deals with the detoxification process every single second and it is our duty to live a healthy life and to support the detox process.
It’s not easy, I know, and rest assured I’m not going to lecture you on how the body is detox your body from toxins, as You really want to know these three key questions:


  1. The sources of toxins (that I know and don’t know) you should be aware of
  2. The best natural detoxification is known to date
  3. What are the dangers & myths in regard to toxins & detox?



Where are toxins come from? Let us check some sources:

  1. Poor soil that’s been sprayed with chemicals (by the government in order to depopulate humanity while they are weakening the body’s immune system and from that point to road, the pharma-cartel-motherfuckers is paved. You don’t have to be a genius to know the rest), which influences food supply, increasing toxins that overstress the liver.
  2. Water contaminated with micro-toxins (intended, of course), weakens the liver, changes the DNA & weakens the immune system.
  3. Electromagnetic waves are transmitted from Cellphones, TV, electronic devices, and micro-chips. That technology duplicates toxin cells and cancer cells in the human body which creates a ripple effect on your body, and not the ripple effect you see on the lake on your vacation.
  4. GMO food – the body doesn’t love GMO food as he knows that it’s not good for him, what the ancient civilization knew for millions of years sure it’s not going to change now.


Now after the sneak preview of where toxins come from let’s have some fun, shall we?! And let’s debunk some common myths about detox… Here we go:


The water myth – that myth of water says that the body is made of 60% of water and you need to drink at least 8 glasses of water in order to loosen body fat (lose weight) and flush away toxins. So, is that myth True or False?


>> Completely False!!!
The body isn’t made out of water but rather than electrolytes (Blood, urine etc.), And you don’t have to drink 8 glasses of water each day – your body will tell you when he needs a slip, don’t worry.

When you drink too much plain water, your electrolytes no longer can balance the exchange of fluid inside and outside the cell. This causes parts of your cells to swell and others to dehydrate (due to loss of salt). Also, realize what you input doesn’t equal what you output. If you drink a glass of water, you do not urinate a glass of water. You will urinate a glass full of urine, which is filled with electrolytes and other stuff. So, urine is flushing out minerals. (Link to video)


About Fat – Ohh boy, people who still believe that Santa (=Satan) exists also believe that the stupid myth of water can flush fat or help reduce weight, ohh and also smooth your skin too (cracked skin is vitamin A deficiency, not water).


Flushing Toxins out? Toxins are fat sable and they don’t affect by water but rather Fat so take care of fat – and here you can flush toxins out. More on that later in this lesson. 

Richard Lionheart

Richard Lionheart

Author, Entrepreneur, EpiConsciousness Strategist

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