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Have you ever wondered how you can interpret your dreams without the need for looking around in books or online? Is there a clear method Indigo Children use?

On March 4th, I had a dream with the main theme of a Sport & Adventure BMW bike. Once I documented it, I had an inspiration moment, to create an episode based on this lucid vision, but this time by exposing my part of my method of revealing the messages the universe is delivering to me, as an answer to my queries.

This method that Iโ€™ve taught to over 20,000 Starseed of the earth is based on three steps that you can use anytime you remember your dream, you know that it needs to tell you something, but you donโ€™t know what.

How to wake up and remember your dream for a change?
How to document the events in a three-step structure?
How to recognize the main theme & compose an action plan?

In this Starseed Lounge, I will talk and decipher your dreams and visions, especially the recurring ones, as they are more challenging for you.

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