How elites are trying to block freedom fighters, The conflict in Ukraine – the hidden reasons that nobody dares to share, Metaverse dangers, and crypto hoax created by….

The relationship between controlling the narrative, the freedom truck drivers from Canada, and the dangers of enslaving humanity for eons tells the epic battle between light & darkness.

The conflict in Ukraine has nothing to do with what MSM tells you, as Ariane states: “When your attention flows to one place (The War), The real events are happening in completely another Place.”
There are 3 main reasons that Ariane can share with us now, one of them relates to Putin’s real origin.

In the last part, Arianne addresses me as I had doubts about my new book, my message, and my efforts to fulfill my destiny. Her answer can inspire others who are going through the same phase in life. The Ashtar joins this message.


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