Law #1 - Never Outshine the Master

Episode 1 – Never Outshine the Master

It’s one of the most sought-after books for everyone who seeks to understand & utilize power. It illustrates the power dynamics in human society from ancient times to our modern days. It seems that this book will deliver an understanding of power for you. Or is it?

In this series, we will go through 48 laws of power, one by one, and we will adapt them to the awakened souls on Earth, without aligning ourselves with the lower vibration of these laws. It’s no secret that most of these laws originate from lower vibrations of human and social interaction, such as greed, competition, deception, crushing your enemies, hiding, etc.

We have a clear mission in this series: “We are here to simplify, clarify, and deliver complex knowledge into practical, entertaining, and clear practices. If you wish to survive the upcoming transformation – Awakening is a must.”


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