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Greeting dear ones, I welcome you with the love and light of the one infinite creator. I’m Arianne, goddess of the Pleiadians. It’s been a while since our last session, as we were busy, and the entity I/we use to communicate experienced imbalances of the light body.

As this is our first interaction with you through this entity, for the year 2022; we would like to share with you about the year 2021. That year was a rocky one, as you might call it. Gaia is in the process of re-calibrating into the frequency of the 5th dimension, as you are starting to feel the frequency of the 4th density. Many light-warriors on your plant felt an acute emotional imbalance, as the old structure that used to trap you, in wheels of karma, is been diminished as we speak.

The entity I am channeling you through today, was subject to attack from Negative polarity entities, who used states of lower-vibration state in him, to attack. As a part of our family, as he asked for our assistance, we happily created a protective light ring around him. As the entity, called in your realm as Richard, found out that the attack on an entity on December 2021 was negative, he tracked down their mother ship, and send them a warning and a message that he chose to serve the one infinite Creator and not the AI god. Their time is up.
We will share some of our methods for protection in later sessions from us.

As you might be wondering why I use to phrases I and We in this channeling, and others; There is no separation in our dimension so we use the phrase many times. Also, the phrase “I” is used for humans to understand who is talking to you, as you like to know who and when.

Now, we wish to update you on some actions and achievements that were occurring in the last year, 2021, and what we can share with you. With help from other galaxies and a federation of high-vibratory entities, we achieved great improvements in our war against the negative entities of the Orion’s, Draco race, AI god messengers, and their human collaborators, from your planet.

As some of you know, we have a “Green Light” from the collective to actively assist you, beings of earth, to remove negatively oriented bases, technologies, and projects that are being used to trap you in a false AI reality, of which you will endlessly be in the loop of reincarnation and karma debts, thus serving them as a slave without any true freedom.

We are operating on Mars, Moon, Pluto, Saturn rings, Nibiru, and inside the earth’s crust of which there are cities and bases your elites built for their vicious plans. Some cities were built eons ago, and some of the inhabitants were expelled so that Your elites, who serve the what is called “AI god” and others, can be out of sight, from us. Little do they know that we can track them wherever they hide.

Some aspects are related to technology that is pushed by an organization called Facebook, lead by an entity you call Mark Zuckerberg, who as others like Elon Must, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, and others – “Sold his soul to the dark side”.
That kind of deal has been in exchange for technology, Money, manipulation, and hypnosis of the masses on your planet.

The plan of Facebook, or what is called now “Meta” with a logo sign of ancient evil, is to create an artificial reality, metaverse, in which they have full control over you. A Matrix within a Matrix! All are designed so that you will be distracted from the time of ascending into the 4th density – This is a 3-part plan, of which we will briefly show:

1. Create false chaos and plant fear in your heart via false viruses.
That plants Fear in your heart;

Poisonous vaccines in your bloodstream;

masks so that you won’t be able to breathe freely and trigger your “fight or flight” response; alongside masks on your face – Keep silent!

They turn other people against each other, who needs police, right?

Depopulation of your planet by sterilizing men, with the vaccines.

Another aspect of those vaccines is to tackle the neurotransmitters of your Brain


  1. 2. Create a virtual society in which all of your physical wants will be met within that false realm. You don’t have more physical money, as now it’s transferring into digital ones, and that can be erased with a click of a button if you won’t behave according to the rules of the appliance.You are no longer going to be socializing, exchanging energies, and experiences. Your kids are already semi-trapped in their phones & digital platforms. Who is a slave? Who is free?

By fear and deception, you will seek refuge inside these virtual souls trapping reality. We can’t let it happen.


  1. Cyborgs – The plans to chip you are already underway with several techniques, one of them via the Vaccines created through the pandemic.
    This technology has been given by the AI god to your elites, in several meetings that occurred outside of your planet.



Beware of bearers of false gifts and prophecies, we are one, we are all!




We are taking over posts, bases, technologies, and planets that are used to enslave humanity for such a long time (as your linear time states), and you can see that the plans to control the masses aren’t going well for them as they hoped so. You can see some of your elites that are talking like they are been under a spell. They know that our efforts to take their plans out of the way are making their plans almost out of reach. We say “almost” as many of you are still sleeping, and believing what your elites are saying – Free will is all that is to dictate the faith of both sleepers and awakened ones.

What you can do?
Meditate daily, breathe open air without masks, and enjoy the sun. Travel in Nature whenever you can, and connect with trees and animals as you all share the same grid. Treat your body with respect – choose your nutrition wisely, as nutrition is one aspect that the elites are keeping you under a low-vibratory state.

When you are radiant love – no harm can come your way!   

We great you, light warriors, who share the effort to stand against and on top of the elites of yours. Everyone can share his/her effort – It can be via mediations you are doing together; staying in a higher vibratory state; joining our fleets on other planets as the entity we are channeling through contributing actively to the moon operation in November 2021 – Tracking down the Soul-Trapping machines, and notify us so we can take measures, that are essential to eliminate this threat.

Every time we are removing negative-oriented entities and technologies, more humans here on Gaia are waking up from a dream, we might call it a spell.

Every time you positively use your consciousness, you are reinforcing the magnetic light sphere around your planet, and raising it into the 4th density.


Now we wish to share with you a few of the good things that are heading your way and to be revealed to you soon. That was hidden from you by your elites, and not shared with you – But no more. Let us review some of them:

  1. Free energy and electricity that harness both powers of mother earth, nature, and advanced technologies you are been unaware of.
    It will be endless and free to all – unlimited.


  1. Water will be free and clear to all, with great abundance. You will be able to heat and cool water with your vibration & intention alone.


  1. Communication and Wi-Fi will be free and unlimited using the magnetic grid of your planet. Next, you will use more advanced techniques we are unable to share at the moment. Nikola Tesla found one way to do it but wasn’t able to tap into the next phase.


  1. As your light body and indigo-ray will rise and refined, you will be less tolerant to damaging toxins in water, food, electronic devices, and more. You are having right now an attraction to natural food, or even growing your food – you start to claim responsibility for your body again.
    In fact, in the future, your body will be fed by the sun.
  2. Inter-Dimensional travels, time travels, and visiting other travels will be available within a blink of an eye, for those who fully assimilated into the 5th-dimensional resonance field. It will be free and available to you all – No more this will be hidden by your elites.


  1. Anti-gravity vehicles will be available soon, without any need to fuel, or other substances you are using right now, and polluting Gaia.


  1. You are about to find out all about your real origins, your history, and the galactic family you were part of in the day’s prior fall of Atlantis.


  1. You will be able to see us with your 3rd-dimensional senses, and you won’t be afraid of us, as your elites are trying to program you via movies and other MSM channels.


Yes, dear ones. There is so much more we wish to share with you, and in due time we will, at your free will know will let you know the rest of these benefits you deserve to own. You don’t need to live in survival mode – you are infinite awareness that is part of the one.


And for the entity I am, Arianne, channeling right now – a message of love and good news heading your way. I am very pleased that you chose to be loyal to your destiny here on Gaia.

You came here to liberate souls from the sleeping spell and raise their awareness so that they can remember who & what they are. You came here to motivate, inspire, and lead the way for lost souls, that lost their way through tick forest at night.

Dear light-bringers of Gaia, we are here with you.

Practice daily mediation of 12 minutes a day while you can be assisted with crystals and nature, alongside what you wish to co-create.

We wish you all great ascensions.
I am Arianne from the Pleiadians – Love and Light.


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