The Dating Scene in the west is dead - Here is why

This long-awaited, controversial and banned episode is now live on our website & Spotify.


Why do modern women choose the top 1% of men, and what does Disney have to do with it?

About 2000 years ago, human society has changed when we were introduced to monogamy and single household. This created disharmony between the genders that explode in a nasty way in the last 50 years.

Here we will discuss who castrated this dogma, why it has been so, and how it affected the family cell and mating choices between men and women.

The cabal set to execute a new world order and the dynamic of mating, gender identity, and depopulation by several means. One of the ways is to use mainstream media like Disney movies that target young kids who grow up with a skewed reality of “prince charming”.

The numbers of birth rate, marriage, and single households are at an all-time low. We will talk about the changes that our planet is going through and what relationships and family cells will look like in the future.

Furthermore, we are going to talk about parenting, in which I will present 12 commandments for young parents who wish to raise the Indigo child out of the reach of matrix-cabal reach.



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