Fear Your Success 2.0

Fear your success 2.0

Richard Lionheart | January 2019


Fear can be an acronym for “False Expectations Appear Real” and also, another acronym states that it’s “False Emotions Appear Real”. While that sums up all issues, I won’t leave you hanging there.

The purpose of this knowledge session is to refresh some aspects of fear. I know you’ve heard tons of information about it and my intention here is to present a new light on the matter at hand, a combination of Spiritual teaching, neuroscience, and personal knowledge. Like many other mentors, leaders & Entrepreneurs I’m not wishing that you gain something from this Lesson-Session, I know you will.

Two major pillars of success are:

  • Choosing your social circle carefully – Your friends. The people you hang out with, the people you learn from (If one is in the place you aspire to be, learn from him. If not, think twice), etc.
  • Picking your mentor or role model –That aspect is crucial. It can be learned online or via personal meetings. It’s more than okay to have a team of mentors, each on its merits.


There are many false pieces of advice from #FakeMentors for getting results such as:

  • Do you want more money? It’s easy, just set a goal + work hard on your business and dingo-bingo!
  • Get shredded quickly in 3 months? Set weight target + eat less + train 6 times a week = Voilà!
  • Starting a new business? Vision it on your couch + do nothing else + you can build it if really really want to and whoop there it is!
  • Want a new GF? Grab her hair and into the cave-like old times… It’s easy, right?

It’s painful to see that so many of the mentors out there are ignorant in regard to the true laws of the universe, mankind’s origin, ancient knowledge and wisdom, and much more. I promise you one thing – I will be me and I won’t hide from anyone and anything to bring you what I’ve learned. I am not afraid as before I came to this planet, I signed a contract to bring myself without fear of being ridiculed – As my mission to help life the vibration of humanity to higher levels.

I have talked to numerous people for long hours and one thing I’ve noticed was that they are choosing not to present ideas on their business websites and other forums for fear of being ridiculed or even losing potential customers. I had that same motherfucking Fear before I chose to bring myself as I choose to, and not as others might see me… As long as I stay in vibrational alignment with my vortex, none of those fears will ever manifest. The universe (not the one you learn from religions and science) doesn’t operate on human logic and thank the gods for that.

We are about to progress gradually to the source of the fear, with an appetizer “action plan” so that you

Can start practicing an opposite behavior to fear with some visual examples.



The real issue in practicing eliminating the fear factor is that we are, generally, unable to consistently stick with the behaviors that can help us be successful.

Another aspect is that we are not accepting responsibility for our life and results, in blame other people and elements. That kind of behavior is preventing you from understanding the role of your subconscious mind on your conscious results. Fear is like that state of being disconnected from the source of all that there is and unless you give it your full attention you will never triumph over fear in your life.

Your mind is designed to calibrate you in your comfort zone – You can see it yourself when you decide to act on your vision and take necessary actions only to find out, that when you are trying to act differently from what you are costumed to, your brain brings you back, quickly, to the comfort zone. Thus the same results are “here again, to stay”.


The science of neuroplasticity identifies 6 main obstacles to success:

  1. Fear
  2. Excess Stress
  3. Limiting Beliefs
  4. Negative Mindset
  5. Lack of Emotional Control
  6. Disempowering habits now, some from me (-:
  7. Misalignment with the Universe
  8. Giving a Fuck about what others might think of you (seeking approval from others)


Before we get into more details on fear, let’s look at the bigger picture again – Before you came here, to planet earth, and decided to manifest into a physical body (“passport”), fear wasn’t your neighbor as you were connected to the universe, to the source 24/7. Once you entered the physical body, you were unable to stay connected all the time. These gaps of “void” are the playground of fear.



As you may know, there is another brain within your brain – The reptilian brain or another name for a part of it – the Amygdala which basically keeps us in survival mode, primate mode of Fight or Flight.

If you let that part of your brain control you, in every scenario you might encounter the fear magnifies by 1000%, and you find yourself operating in a low-vibration mode. Okay, so what happens next?

Dr. Srini Pillay says that there are more than 25 different types of fears that can derail you, if not completely stop you dead center on your track.

Fear has a structure of evolving:

  1. We receive input from our senses on the matter at hand
  2. The brain runs its interpretations areas, mainly based on memories, experiences, beliefs, autopilot habits, and paradigms.
  3. The amygdala evaluates – Treat or Blessing, To be married or to be single! You got it, right?

What kind of response mode is there?

  1. Fight (Engage) the treat
  2. Run (Flee) from the treat
  3. Freeze in place
  4. Faint (The result of too many electrochemical stimuli)
  5. Change the point of perception (of self-awareness)


We’ve said earlier that those fears are based on memories and experiences we had, and the interpretation we give to them. I want to emphasize another point: We live in a multidimensional universe, and we had our share of lives here on earth, many under the title of Reincarnations and as such, many fears are being driven from past lives.

Have you wondered why some fear has no rational explanation?

Maybe it comes from a past life, but that fear can be dealt with with the same ease as the “current” fears. Back in the days, when I was a spiritual healer, I used a somewhat complex treatment –

I entered the patient into a trance-like mode, I used reincarnation restoration to bring the patient back to the event in his past life. I narrowed it down to the exact event – and while he was to experience it again, we changed the awareness to that event. When the patient woke up, the source of that fear was gone.

A patient who feared water in such a way that no other treatment or mentor could help her.

I reversed her back to the year 1429bc and saw her chained into iron bricks and thrown down to the river. We fixed the awareness and the interpretation of that event.

When she woke up, the fear was gone. The next day, she went to the beach to swim for the first time in her life. The thing here is clear – Fix the source, change the outcome!


Now. I still use that technique, but it’s now more refined and easier to use, enriched with much of my experience and the source within me.

You can talk yourself out of that situation? Yes, you can.

Do you want to see an example? –à Check this link right here.


Action Plan!


Can you break the cycle of fear?

Can fear become your friend rather than your enemy?

Can you program your auto-response to current and future events?


The answer is a definite YES!


Step 1 – Acknowledge your current situation, reality, and results.

Don’t try to rational-lies anything, just observe and accept personal responsibility for your life.

The good thing here is – You can change your life to draw success after success and not failures.


Step 2 – Understand that your current results are here because of your past thinking, habits, behaviors

And actions. Don’t beat yourself up. Quantum physics state that observing a particle changes it’s

Nature, just by observing. So, that is considered action as well.



Step 3 – Know thy Fear.

When you give an address to fear, it loses its powers over you, and you can work your way out of this mess. When you frame the fear, you demystify it and minimize it. Now let’s work a bit, shall we?


Check that list of fear types and chose the top 3 fears that truly bother you the most.

After you selected them, move forward to step number 4.


  1. Fear of success
  2. Fear of failure
  3. Fear of looking foolish in front of others
  4. Fear of public speaking (the fear of speaking to a crowd, thinking of the worst outcome)
  5. Fear of loneliness
  6. Fear of poverty
  7. Fear of being ultrarich, super successful (how can you manage all of that?)
  8. Fear of being unloved (and maybe cheated upon…)
  9. Fear of disappointment
  10. Fear of being judged
  11. Fear of change (your comfort is so protective, safe, and it works, so why bother?)
  12. Fear of being ashamed
  13. Fear of being embarrassed
  14. Fear of rejection (opposite sex, investors, managers, etc.)
  15. Fear of the unknown
  16. Fear of being overwhelmed
  17. Fear of taking action
  18. Fear of losing your freedom
  19. Fear of making mistakes
  20. Fear of being hurt
  21. Fear of pain
  22. Fear of losing everything
  23. Fear of being ridiculed
  24. Fear of not being good enough (the perfection = paralyzing mechanism)
  25. Fear of not being smart enough (you tend to see others better than you every time)
  26. Fear of taking action
  27. Fear of being alone (don’t worry, divorce is a great thing for you, trust me)
  28. Fear of being helpless (when someone asks you for help, and you fear you can’t help him)
  29. Fear of change
  30. Fear of circumstances
  31. Fear of complacency
  32. Fear of corruption (yourself, others in your business)
  33. Fear running out of time
  34. Fear of what others think
  35. Fear of loss of self
  36. Fear of not belonging
  37. Fear of being a fraud
  38. Fear of attracting attention
  39. Fear of not being understood by others (you want to nail it every time)
  40. Fear of future events in regard to yourself or others.
  41. Fear of intimacy and performance anxiety.
  42. Fear of death.




Step 4 – question your fear!

Asking the right question can make or break, so take each fear and ask these questions:


  1. Is there solid and concrete evidence of that fear being true? If yes, is there another way for that situation to change? Look at your experiences and look for some situations with different results? What did you that brought you these outcomes? Write it down. (I won’t accept answers such as “I didn’t have ones” as you had them, you just can’t remember them right now).


  1. How would you feel if that fear will be “out of service” for you? Daydream and envision that event in a different outcome and focus on your feelings… knock yourself out. It’s fun! (a tip! When you mix feelings with your vision, you activate the law of attraction – feelings are the missing links that were hidden from the masses for too fucking long).


  1. Take a business scenario on your chosen fear. Use fear-based outcomes versus success-based outcomes; your goal is to write more positive outcomes from the fear-based outcome.


  1. Take a relationship scenario now. Repeat the same process as mentioned in the previous action step.


  1. Create a self-rampage talk that will last for at least 68 seconds on the new outcome you wish to experience. There is magic in the number 68 in the cosmos.


  1. Create a weekly task list for each day of the week.


Do the hardest and less fun tasks in the first 4 hours of the day, morning time (yes, you guessed it… this is scientifically proven to be most effective as well).


Measure your goals and reward yourself on every “difficult” task been completed – retrain your brain to be rewarded by engaging these tasks until you make them easy and fun, with the fear resident is being evacuated from the building!



That’s it for today.

Best of luck and try not to fuck it up, please.

Become what you truly wanted to be… it’s your right to be so.




Richard Lionheart




Richard Lionheart

Richard Lionheart

Author, Entrepreneur, EpiConsciousness Strategist

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