When Indigo’s Feel Lost & Hopeless, This is What They Really DO

When Indigo’s Feel Lost & Hopeless, This is What They Really DO

Door 1 | Universe vs. Human Perception | $333 Value.

Understanding your journey to Earth, the four elements | 7 cycles of the soul
explained | and 2 life scripts to choose from with their implications on you.
knowing why inspired action triumphs Forced Action & No Action | How to buy All that you want using only a $100 note? | Law of One – The Five manifestation steps.

Resistance is your friend, not your enemy. Here we have some scenarios that will
change (Warning! Some very controversial) the way you live and see things. A must-Read for
The 1% who see this message.

Science in a nutshell – Your brainwave of the brain, Epigenetics, Quantum physics just
to get the juices flowing for your skeptical brain, and your wife.


Door 2 | The Multidimensional Entrepreneur | $12,000 Value

 Multidimensional Entrepreneur who is an Indigo child is different in the way he sees
Things, and in the way they are going to lead humanity in these challenging times.

Eight Elements of the multidimensional Leadership with a personal story of how I tricked
my Brain into the biggest fear in the gym.

30 Characteristics of an indigo child (Now there are 40 you can see on our website).
Here you will have many A-Ha moments.

Work Time. Here you will take the enhanced Indigo Entrepreneur Diagnostic System™
to see if you are one of us. Good Luck!

Knowing your life’s purpose can be an easy process for you, we start with a larger
purpose, and focusing it down on a personal level.

Fear of Success – My famous article from 2019 – You asked for it to be in my book,
and You have it.

 A healthy lifestyle nourishes your astral body – Nutrition, Breathing, GMO, Fluoride,
Avoiding toxins, Intermittent Fasting. Exercise & Meditation.

Daily life action plan with tips that will take you years to get 10% of them.

Pineal Gland and what its role no one tells you, in your body & beyond

 Career – Be specific in what you want!


Door 3 | Relationship of the 5 | $1,200 Value

Relationships will change forever learn about cosmic relationships, the Karmic cycle,
Human bonding, and how we managed to fuck this up so much.

Perception is everything human and cosmic perception is different, so here we
have another controversial stuff right here. Learn how to adapt, and stop harming yourself.

Black Roses” – Do you have toxic people around you that draw energy from you, and
You’re unaware of it? What about non-human negative-polarity influence?
A practical guide to identifying and learning how to avoid it in 5 simple steps.

Relationship status after full disclosure – A surprise bonus chapter.


Door 4 | How human evolution affects you personally | $119 Value

The Matrix is collapsing into itself, humans are starting to awake from their
“sleepwalking” and ask questions of my kind of multidimensional entities who can
answer | Your career won’t be the same | Religions will be obsolete soon, are you ready for that?

Lucid dreaming is a tool to ascend above these rocky times.


Door 5 | The Evolution of your Psychic Self | $1,200 Value

How to use your psychic senses in your favor in Personal life and Business | The
Invisible counselor technique alone is a game changer – Guaranteed!

Daydreaming & Lucid Dreaming – Introduction on what are they and how to
interpret them. There will be a dedicated book due to massive demand from me
to deliver my unique insights about it. Channeling is another aspect here as well.

Indigo Workshop for expanding your Awareness with a multidimensional approach.

The war of Light vs. Darkness today – An appetizer to know what’s going on here.
                 Bonus! My detailed notes about my trip to the moon on 19.11.2021…


Door 6 | The Art of Intuitive Writing | $1,200 Value

 Writing is an actionable tool to create brain and heart coherence.

Downloading Divine Communication – My process can be your process.

How to write goals, plans, and vision boards that are fully aligned with your Vortex.


Wait a minute! We are not done yet. Here is what I threw in the fire pit for you, alongside the Indigo Code Book…


The Indigo Code Workbook – Download, Print, fill it, and experience results!
65 pages. 6 Doors. 14 practices. Value $59.00

Cosmic Numerology on the tree of life crash course 0 to 9, how their energy paths displayed, what is the
meaning of numbers etc. Value 197.00


Intuitive Writing Program and Blueprint on how to download divine knowledge into writing, from your
enlightened guidance & Source. Value $297.00


Exclusive Member’s access to my Vault of blog posts, special podcast episodes for members, Presentation slides, Personal notes, PDF guides, and vision board. value $19,997.00


Grab Your Best Price Now, Before It’s Gone

The total value of all of this is $36,751.00
You are getting all of it at the wonderful price of only $149.00
The first 100 buyers will have it for $79.00

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