The 1st Starseed Cosmic Travel Guide to Earth!

A groundbreaking multidimensional book about the indigo journey to Gaia, and beyond. This book covers the most important elements you need to know about Matrix programming, and how to ascend above it while becoming a 5D leader.

The book is built and is encoded with hidden codes that only light warriors will "see".

We only have a limited amount of this best-selling paperback book, so you have to act fast in order to secure your copy.

Backed up by Pleiadians & Ashtar's

Level 1 Workshop for Indigo Souls

Accompanied with Workbook 

Book Cover
This workbook is inseparable part of the book

Guess where I am?

“You can read many books that are the same, but it takes only one that was created by an Indigo Starseed to make me “wake the fuck-up”. You can read it as a reference book, as a course book, as a workshop, and as a travel diary for light warriors in our galaxy. I read the book and had a private call with Richard, and I knew right there… I just knew!"

Here is what you will learn & earn from this book?

Door Number 1 - The Law of Vibration vs Human Laws. Value: $333.00

  • Here we are going to remind you of what you might have forgotten about the soul's journey across the galaxy, and to Earth.
  • Then we will have a detailed overview of the 4 basic elements (Fire, Air, Water, and Earth), and the different personality types.
  • We will have the 7 soul cycle and how it affects your behavior in your daily life.
  • Next, we will learn about the 5 manifestation steps of the law of vibration explained in simple terms (OK, not that simple);
  • We will visit an old friend - Resistance with controversial situations of the 3rd dimension vs the cosmic laws.
  • A few words of science like neuroplasticity, quantum, epigenetics, etc. 

Door Number 2 - The Rise of The Multidimensional Entrepreneur®. Value: $179.00

  • Here we are going to start with why we need enlightened leaders instead of what we have today.
  • Who are the indigo or crystal children? We will explore 30 characteristics of an indigo soul. Here I've created the most comprehensive test, that will give you the answer: Are you an Indigo?
  • What about the Fear factor? You will practice breaking the cycle of fear. I have a confession to make - I've shared 50 fear types that ruled my life; How many are unwanted citizens in your life?
  • A healthy lifestyle nourishes your astral body - Nutrition, Breathing, Avoiding toxins, training, and meditation. This is the most comprehensive chapter in the book due to its importance of it, and how the elites enslave us through these channels. You must pay attention here!
  • Pineal Gland, and its role in your ascension process, and how to avoid its calcification of it.
  • Choosing your career - Do you choose what's in your life's purpose (Akash records), or what it's been chosen for you?

Door Number 3 - Relationships of the 5th Kind. Value: $997.00

  • Introduction to cosmic relationships, human bonding, and karmic cycles. 
  • We will review several aspects of human social structure in the eye of the universe & humans; such as The marriage institute - How humans perceive it, and what is the cosmic perception of the matter at hand. We will review Polygamy, Polyamory, Monogamy, betrayal & prostitution
  • "Black Roses" - Do you know toxic people in your life? Why are some people or places being hunted? Do you know how to spot them?
  • How relationships will be after full disclosure, and what is full disclosure?

Door Number 4 - Human Evolution And You. Value: $39.00

  • The old human social structure is collapsing as a preparation for the 5th dimension. Everything is changing faster than ever. 
  • Covid19 and Pharma cartels want your best interest. Right? Bitch, please! If you didn't get it by now, you're a sleepwalker. 
  • How those changes are going to affect your career? Do you think you are safe? Think again!
  • Religions are beLIEf, and it's time to let go of your religious practices and faith and ascend to a higher level of freedom & control.
  • Why are Multidimensional Entrepreneurs the only ones who will transcend these turbulent times with ease, and without the need to please...

Door Number 5 - The Evolution of Your Psychic powers. Value: $597.00

  • How to develop and use your psychic skills in your favor in your career, and personal life to gain an unfair advantage. 
  • Lucid Dreaming and daydreaming are a way to communicate with the divine within you. Here you will learn about it, how to be prepared for it, ask questions, get answers, and apply them to your life. I will share lucid visions I had with my unique insights about them.
  • Is channeling (Trance-Medium) real or an illusion of the mind?
  • A quick blueprint for the indigo lifestyle so you can implement it right here, right now.
  • There's a war of light and darkness, not only on earth but also below the earth, and in the stars. You can be a part of it like I did - On 19.11.2021 I was teleported to the moon to track the soul-trapping device of the Orions - These revelations will blow your mind if you don't mind.

Door Number 6 - The Art of (Intuitive) Writing. Value: $129.30

  • Special Bonus! How to create brain and heart coherence via writing, focusing on handwriting in the first 4 hours of the morning. 
  • Downloading Divine Communication - You can learn and use my process, and how I use visions to get accurate guidance.
  • How to write goals, plans, and visions that are fully aligned with your vortex. Yes, How to create a vision board is your homework as well.

Total Value: $2,274.30

The Package Value retail price: is $149.00.

You get the printed copy package at only $79.00 for the hardback copy or $69.00 for the Paperback edition.
You can have the Digital Edition for only $59.00!

So as you see I did whatever I could to make this affordable to you. But, it's not for everyone - This book is an action book. So right now I don't want to hear any excuses about why you aren't in your own growth and freedom. I'm not preaching, so stop bitching!

E-book Content & Extras

The Blueprints

20+ calls to action, DIY missions laid out in a dedicated premium workbook, and more inside the pages. On point. On-Time!

Inner Circle Blog

News and Updates, Health & lifestyle of light warriors, Lucid dreaming interpretation of your dreams, case study for you, buddy.

Cosmic Numerology Bonus

The real meaning of the numbers 0-9, is how they appear in the tree of life (Merkaba), and on your astral body. Chapter 26 in the book.

Intuitive Writing is Fun

Learn the meaning of intuitive writing, and use a detailed action program to achieve that within 24 hours. preparation is the key here

My Private Note Archive

In your member area, you can download ppt slides of past events, seminars summary (pure gold!), vision board template & more 

Members Only Podcast Access

The Multidimensional Entrepreneur Podcast has a limited number of episodes that I can't share anywhere else, only here, with you.

I Understand Your Objection For This.

Not Enough Time

It's a time-consuming process, and you belive only in your uncle Jack. Do you know? Jack shit! 

Their Opinion Matter

What my "others" will think of my new & prosperous self? After all, they know best, Right?


You have a problem with the way the logic and facts of Starseed are been presented here

Rock The Boat

You don't want to "Buzz the tower", Maverick! After all, it's only for the top-g's to do that. 

Not a Spiritual Persona

If you read this and heard my messages you already know it's a CAP. You even don't believe this.

Not in my Price Range

The poor mindset is all set. It was never about the money, it was about your priorities.

The Full Cup Syndrome

I'm good; I got it; You can't teach me anything that I didn't know. Catch my drift, Dawg?

Fear of Cancellation

Escalation to Cancellation is a fear, look at the TATE brothers. What about canceling yourself?

Not Eligible for my Lover

You actually believe that you need a checkbox to attract your love. Vibration Alignment is the key!

There are over 30 direct benefits that will change your life

1. Accurate knowledge of every situation they may have

2. We touch the same influence, not the symptoms

3. Healthy lifestyle to support your spiritual growth – Included

4. Multi-Dimensional module for addressing all of your issues

5. Accurate profiling – I will find the root cause of your problem instantly

6. We have answers for every question

7. Off-mainstream approach and mindset when needed

8. Vibrational Alignment with the art of allowing it flows through you

9. Daydreaming, fantasies, hallucinating – Not an enemy anymore

10. Action plan on every module – Inspired actions made easy & fun

11. Your obstacles will be more beneficial for you – a different look

12. Change begins in as little as 17 seconds – I shit you not

13. How to avoid a negative environment in your daily life

14. Using your past as a friend to your present – Reprogram your mind

15. Achieving higher levels of consciousness & “Trips” without chemicals

16. Reprogramming your DNA and Genes, Mainstream science won’t say

17. Energy Sucking People (“Black Roses”) – How to spot & avoid them course

18. Leadership mindset based on yourself as it shows in your Vortex; Your doppelganger is active and you’ll know how to bridge the gap

19. Super-Framing in action – How to reframe every aspect related or not-related to your core life – Relationship, Politics, Social, Intimate, Business.

20. The art of not giving a flying fuck – So hard made easy in both logical aspects & the spiritual aspect. Don’t believe me? Try me.

21. Secrets of natural foods and their influence on your ability to connect to your higher self. Not just the healthy aspect you may know

22. Regular training based on science alongside healthy nutrition and lifestyle based on meditation, Intermittent fasting, Keto regimen, Massages Etc.

23. Find your own entrepreneurial path based on your strengths and rooted desires, skills & knowledge according to right-brain functions.

24. Learn about the 7 cycles of the souls on Gaia – You will know how you were programmed since birth & pre-birth & How to change it without fighting it

25. You can connect to your past-future lives and gain massive inputs to help you now – If you were skeptical before, wait until you’ll hear this one out.

26. You’ll change your perception of the source of the abundance in your life – It’s not the bank, not the customers, not your employers too…

27. You’ll be able to contribute in any situation if you think you lack knowledge or experience – Is it possible?

28. You’ll learn about the energetic grid and the frequencies of Money and what it’s got to do with Freedom, both have a frequency you can tune onto.

29. Can you heal any disease on the planet without any drugs?

30. Enjoy your improved knowledge & perception of rich sex life using the grid

31. I will prove to you that you are immortal – you’ll not fear death again.

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Red Pill Warrior is a radical premium fashion design for red-pill men. No BS, No apologizing, on point.

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