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There is a reason that we aren't available for everyone. Only Indigo's will see this

Ask Don Ricardo

€12 / Vision
  • I will interpret your dream, vision or spiritual event into a practical action plan

The Indigo Code

€79 / Course
  • The Indigo Code Awakening Course. If you are beginning your path of recalling - This is the perfect start for you!

Awakening Session

€1,200 / Session
  • Your private journey with your multidimensional travel guide. Tailor-made guidance & proven practices. Own It.

The 5th Gathering

Contact Us for your investment
  • Here we are going to have a complete tailored personal transformation & adaptation to 5th dimension.

Meet Our Multidimensional Guides

“Diana Goldberg has years of rich experience working with artists worldwide to mold their art into a business. Urban art development together with authorities. RL Holding Real Estate, GM. Her experience is worth gold, her insights are priceless.”

Diana Goldberg, Art & Business Consultant 

“Old soul of 35,000 years of multidimensional travels. Indigo Child, Pleiadians origin, Starseed. Author, Entrepreneur, and Real Estate Investor. Medium, with a wide array of psychic skills. Richard's mission is to awaken you so you won't miss the train to the 5th dimension. ”

— Richard Lionheart, The Multidimensional Entrepreneur

“Arianne is accompanying me since 21.12.2012, yes that big day. Goddess & Ambassador of the Pleiadians from the 6th dimension. An official member of our team (registered in the company formation); she assists with solving issues for our clients who seek multidimensional solutions!”

— Arianne, Pleiadians, 6th Density

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We don't offer demos or Freebies. We offer commitment!

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