How I have transformed a team member into the best team member using MDH approach?

How I have transformed a team member into the best team member using the MDH approach?


A word from me: This is the first post on this platform, and I’ve decided to handle a situation that happened to me and some other entrepreneurs. Every week I will share more short insights that will get your juices flowing. I wish you happy & enjoyable reading with great value. My goal is to make your little light bulb flicker for a second, then my work here is done.


Let’s start from the larger picture – The universe is going through a considerable change in the energy field, the magnetosphere, cosmic frequencies, and consciousness ant that are affecting other galaxies and ours as well. Our material society isn’t capable to address these kinds of changes and may see my words as non-related to the subject at hand, but it’s anything to do with it.

As the planet Is going through the grand shift of the ages, one of the major changes, is when many are seeking to grasp the concept of freedom to a whole new level. Many, nowadays, are seeking to become their own boss, to share their own unique assets. That means that the concept of “Employee” is going to become extinct in the next generation.

So, one of the first things I do when interacting with the person who works for me or with me is to find What he/she really desires (There is a method to that), and I don’t mean in those boring interview questions like: “What is your main goal in life? What do you see yourself doing in the future?”

That’s a crappy way to find out what your candidates really want to do, but they will never tell you.


Yes, the way is Win-Win all the way with remembering a few key points here

  • Your Enterprise should be built and managed according to the law of one holistic approach
  • The system of employment is cast and hated, especially by Indigo/crystal child/adults
  • The connection between you and a staff member must be on an emotional level
  • The great value should be transferred to your staff first, even before your costumers
  • Connect their vision to theirs & you won’t find the Hows in business schools. Forget it!



So, when a candidate is coming to me, I am profiling him or her in multi-level & across dimensions in a matter of minutes (That system can be taught, don’t worry) – Energetic, emotionally, body language, Aura reading that gives me the idea if I should move forward or not.


Next, I get to what he/she really wants to be or done since they were young, and not give me the answer most give in job interviews. Once, I establish that part well… I move to the next part.


To connect him/her to my vision, I need to match Vibrations here first and then “Drill-Down” to feelings and logic parts. I make sure that they are not “Employees” or “Workers” (any word that has the old structure vibe, is out of my business and the ones who use my services) – They are Entrepreneurs and I find the position that what they will learn here with me, will directly influence their Company (whatever they have one or not) – I connect the dots so tight that they understand that every aspect and effort they invest with me – they will need to their own company.

The words I use with them are also vitals, the music in the offices is vital to the mind reprogramming.



Words before saying good night…


During the years, business owners asked me for advice even before I had any business of my own or any experience in that field of team management or problems in business managing. Some advisors insisted that the business owners will ask for a business consultant for that matter in hand.

The funny thing happened that every single piece of advice or strategy was accurate (bullseye) to their amazement. I knew better than my knowledge, experience, intuition, touch, vibe, profiling, and experience derived from (not only this business realm) but from a much greater realm.



Every person who comes to you for advice, and the first instinct is to let go because you don’t have enough knowledge or experience in the matter in hand, know that the universe is accurate and precise. Nothing happens and no one comes to your reality if you don’t have that piece of information that he/she needs so much.


Good Day & love

Richard Lionheart

The Multidimensional Entrepreneur


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