This is just the beginning, others will fall – Metaverse Collapse

This is just the beginning, others will fall


In 2021, I worked for Facebook, and I didn’t like any moment of it. I know the parts of the system within, that led me to enforce my prediction of Metaverse collapse, and of others following the same path.

This creature is causing more damage to humanity – the damages outweigh the benefits. I’ve talked about the hidden dangers of big tech companies. Metaverse has lost any right to exist, let’s see some benefits:

  • You or your business doesn’t have any privacy or control – they trade your data on earth and with Orion’s
  • The elite’s death cult uses the bis tech companies to program humanity at will
  • The Metaverse is a 2-layered Matrix soul trap, assisted with ET dark technology, that others (big tech) are on this dark alliance.
  • The algorithm is rigged against personal and small businesses
  •  We do live in a simulated reality already, so adding another layer might open souls to reincarnation cycles.
  • With money in digital form that can be stolen or frozen if you won’t be a good puppy, sorry, boy.

Read more about it on “The Indigo Code” –
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Long story short – The big tech companies are starting to fall, brick by brick, as the federation is attacking bases and dark tech on Mars & moon.

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Richard Lionheart

Richard Lionheart

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