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Have you ever had a dream, lucid dream, or an occurring event that keeps bugging you time and time, and you don’t know what the heck that means?

Many have night dreams, and in recent decades it has increased due to the unique times of ascending into the 4th
density. Few of those many who do dreams disregards them as tricks of the mind and other mainstream explanations.
“The sleepwalkers” as I call them, are unaware of another option for those recurring dreams:

  • Your spiritual guides or angels are communicating with you to remind, warn, support, and offer easy solutions.
  • When you sleep, your logic brain is off, so you are vibrating with source, so no BS here.
  • You are pondering and wondering about a situation, and you’re getting a reply, but unless it’s in your WhatsApp you don’t bother to reply & apply.
  • You are not your body, thoughts, or doubts – You are more than that.

For that reason, Don Ricardo had enough of you ignoring your intuition and your buddies from other dimensions, so he
decided to present a limited-time offer, for a funny price to interpret your dream, in a single page that consists of four
phases: The Event (the body of the dream); The Symbols; The Meaning; and The Action Plan to take right now.
So if you wish to know straight to the point what, how, when, where, and why – You don’t have any excuses now to pass on this Offer.

Even if you are a cheap ass motherfucker (I am the Don, so I can talk however I feel like it, SIMP. Deal with it); you can afford it. Are you probably spending x100 on things you don’t need anyway, right?

So What’s Next?

Step 1 – Choose one recurring dream, vision, or lucid dream that you have no actual knowledge of what message is hidden within it for you.

Step 2 – Order it. Once payment is confirmed, you will receive a guide with accurate How-To and contact details

Step 4 – Once you receive my detailed analysis, you need to act upon the action plan suggested.


Wish to Know More?

If you want to know more about lucid dreaming, daydreaming, and visions check out the upcoming book: “Lucid Messages from the 9th Dimension” click HERE.

Check out the new Podcast: “The Multidimensional Entrepreneur®” Podcast on Spotify and on this website.


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