Aurora - The legend of the ghost train

This legend of a ghost train appears once every 26,000 years, via a portal opening in Aurora lights of the north.

The train passengers are figures and entities across time and dimensions, where love, passion, and sex is the main dish from the enlightened side of the one infinite creator.

The train has 9 wagons, each has its experience, and quest that needed to be completed to progress to the next one. Once you got in, you must complete the quest to break free from this haunted train, if you’d like to, of course.

If you falter during your quest, you will be awakened in the shadow train. You won’t know if you moved unless you recall Arianne’s hints from your previous Journey.

This is Mike’s final part which will reveal the shocking truth about who is really, and why he came here. All with an erotic journey that will defy all other books that have ever written on that niche.

All information here is true, places are true, figures are real, and the journey will remind you of your journey. This is the final station of the midnight train – Thank you for joining us.


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