Why Indigos doesn't have a box

I have written this appetizer to pique your interest and make you aware of the call for the rise of the “indigos”. So it is no mistake that you are reading this book now because your inner guidance has just set you on the path to ascension into the 4th dimension. In this book, we will tell you a little about the Indigos here on Earth, the structure of human society, the changes that are coming, and the demands on you to transform your life with the help of multidimensional perception until you can free yourself from the grip of the matrix box.

Many Indigos are still in the shadows, asleep, I even call them “Dead men walking” or as I refer to them in my new book “The Indigo Code” as sleepwalkers. They put their visions and dreams in the drawers, never to see the light of day again.
They know deep down that their way of thinking is different than others, they feel alienated from the mainstream pipeline and reject the MSM and any authority, but to please their social circles they have a deadly habit of being very careful not to rock the boat.

A detailed 10-day practice plan to get you started the very next morning. You can download this book for free in the store, and you can get it when you subscribe to our newsletter.


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