Diario de un Mochilero

A Book like no other ever written, ever!!!

Ricardo Santos is a young man who is a month away from his 30th birthday. After a coffee session, he felt he had “had enough” of his life so far: Working since he was 15. Now he found himself a slave in the matrix, so he left everything he knew behind, both material things and his old self, and embarked on a journey to Latin America.

On the way, he met a gypsy woman who gave him the “Mapa de la Vida” and a scroll from 1199 BC. Now Ricardo travels to Colombia, where he has sensual encounters in enchanting places throughout Colombia and elsewhere in Latin America, each with its own concluding phase.

From Colombian whispers to Abandonado en Cartagena – the story of the hotel haunted by the most sexual female spirit in the astral world, to trilogy visits to gyms, the sands of Brazil, the nightclubs of Colombia, the beaches of Cartagena, and more.

Ricardo must complete the task by 11:59 p.m. on Dec. 21, 2023.
Will he be a slave to his desires or the master of his own reality?

Multidimensional Writing Mastery by Richard Lionheart: 
1. Fantasy book
2. Erotic-based experiences
3. Travel Diary with images, maps
4. Spiritual Ascension Journey

Languages Availability: English y Español.
Expected Publication: Spring 2024.

Follow my podcast where we can talk about this expected journey: The Multidimensional Entrepreneur Podcast.

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