MIdnight Train ENlightened SHadows

Series: Midnight Train

Monday morning, when Mike wakes up after a wild night with his friends, another day for this young entrepreneur. He has had many women, but nothing has prepared him for her, Nathalie Luis-Kane, the Colombian angel who has taken him to unimagined heights and the darkest abyss.

It all began during an unexpected train ride, just before midnight, with erotic encounters, haunting shadows, agents, and an assassin. This story was written in 1991 during an astral projection in a trance when I was a child, patiently waiting for the time to make waves in the fantasy lovers’ community. Lovers of erotic thrillers will love this book because the twists are unexpected and a breath of fresh air in the world of authors, many of whom follow the same rules and guidelines.

This story has it all: unpredicted plot twists, thrillers, manhunt, passionate lust, and passion that will lead mike into an impossible choice. What would you do if you met an angel that can be a demon, but you just can’t let go?

What would you do if you find out that you had been betrayed within your own social circle?

More 2 books for this series will follow Portal of Lust & Aurora’s Diary – The Final Ride.

The first part of the fantasy hit trilogy is now available in the 2nd publication, which will accompany a movie based on this book.

This book is unique in the sense that there are 2 endings to choose from! Yes, you can select which one you want to switch to!

An interactive game for this book I hope to follow this series, as this masterpiece deserves a respect in any way I can.

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Download the PPT – “The Story Behind the Shadows” – Review the Why, What, When. How, where.
The Story Behind the Shaodws


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