The Indigo Code – Journey of Indigo Starseed to Earth – eBook

Once upon a time in a galaxy not so far away, a collective of enlightened souls from the 5th and up to the 9th dimension, volunteered to reincarnate here on Gaia (Earth). With a unified mission and individual missions to raise the vibration of the planet, and of other’s as well. They thought it’s going to be a fun trip, but as for many it wasn’t & still isn’t like that.

In the era post Atlantis, about 12,800 years ago, many souls faced distractions of the materialistic realm and falling into negative side, hence they forgot about their true origin and infinite self. Now things are changing, as many are starting to remember what and who they are, but they are surrounded by mainstream society, with almost no one who get’s their inner struggle. They need someone like them to hear their story, and lift the vail from their inner eyes. 

Many young entrepreneurs, Students, and aspired freedom seekers who earns their bread very well, are rebellious in heart, but they been forced to align themselves with mainstream society. behavior that causes them inner pains, stress, depression, ADHD, ADD, and anger issues.
They are Indigo’s or crystal children with a unique characteristic that needs to find out about themselves, have one or others who hear and “gets them”, maybe for the first time. 


This book is unique in a way that it’s the first multidimensional book, that has been composed in a way that your brain, mind and what’s above the consciousness will “knows what I’m talking about”. It’s built in 3 layers, preparing (you) for the 4th:

  1. This is, firstly, a travel guide for Indigo and star seed souls to planet earth, to remind you, what you might have forgotten by now.
  2. Second, it’s a course book intended to inspire you to actions, that will make sure that the knowledge is been implemented well.
  3. Third, codes and scared geometry has been embedded inside the book to address your subconscious part of you.

In this book you will find more about:

  • Your journey before you were born, raised and programmed, and after “death”

  • “Black Roses” – who are the negative energy sucking people in your life?

  • Science finally catches up, for beginners

  • Law of attraction, one, made practical without BS

  • Lucid dreaming and visions, and their part in your ascension

  • Matrix and PC vs Cosmic perception – the things that will shock you

  • Art of writing and psychic powers.

  • Have you felt, that since childhood you weren’t belong here, on planet Earth?

  • Have you felt that you, and your social circle are speaking different languages; Heck, it seems that no one really gets you?

  • Do you feel much more evolved than your surroundings, and still feeling guilty about it?

  • Do you feel awakened while others are sleepwalkers?

  • You wish to go your own (career) way, as the only way that you will manifest your freedom?

  • Do you feel that mainstream coaches give you same teachings, with same crap, as they don’t understand how to interpret the Indigo Code, not to mention speaking your language?

  • Are you sick of the Matrix and mainstream-enslavement system that 97% following it like sheep, and you wish to be a part of those 3%?

  • You are rich, but there is a craving that can’t be filled by material objects, and you can’t seem to pinpoint what the heck it is?

  • What will be the price if you won’t take an Inspired action right now?

  • And own this book? When you reach the age of 70, what will you say about an investment in yourself?

I know you read many books, and you might be thinking it’s just another book, right? Wrong! This book has been written with 3 layers overlapping one another so that the codes within it, will speak to your soul, while the brain will still try to convince you not to take action. 

I was like you, my story will inspire you to make the small steps so that you’ll understand on multidimensional aspects, maybe for the first time in your life. Listen to the one’s that made the journey… After that, listen to your soul that wants to fly higher. 

Not everyone is going to stay with us here on Gaia! The one’s who can’t handle the 4th density energies of the one infinite creator, and won’t change and adapt, will leave us. Now, it’s the money time, are you willing to become a main player or a spectator?  

You will save yourself years of mistakes and walking between the shadows. 

The fact that you are looking at it, considering it, it’s already a sign from your inner guidance (universe) that you need this.

You don’t need to buy; you don’t need to listen or to trust me. The only thing that you need is to own your reality, and act upon the signals that the universe is delivering to you. 

If you think that the universe has a wi-fi error, put this book down, and go back to your marvel comic collection, or go watch Netflix to dumb your mind even more. It’s easy to do jack-shit, and to expect different results, right? Are you willing to be a main player at last? 

Act now, so you won’t have to bitch later. 

The problem isn’t about money, or the price. It was never about the money, honey. It’s about the fear that you know that the book will make you make changes, and you prefer not to make them a reality. 

You want cheap books and products? Go Alibaba. You know why I’m saying that? I don’t need your money – I want your commitment. 

Let’s do this game. Right now, don’t own this book. Let another take it away from you. If the universe will bring that book to your awareness 2 more times, you will own it, act, and give me feedback on 15 minutes call with me, free of charge, as you are in charge! Deal? 

The perfect books are found in the archives of the national congress library, 3rd floor in a dusty room, and no one gives a fuck about them. This book is human, the value is immortal

I am not addressing the masses out there, only for the indigo souls that came here with a shared mission. We just bring the old gang back together. Want in? Click here…. (Hey, leave the porn site link aside for a minute, I am talking to you, Pendejo.) 

  • Give me 5 minutes – I will make you think for the 1st time; 

  • Give me an hour, and I will shock your whole core of beliefs;

  • Give me a day, and your old self won’t be able to stay. 


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