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Kind Words From Our Indigos

“I have to say that I enjoyed reading it! It is a book that I WOULD LOVE TO BUY!”

Jane Korunosky

Graphic & Book cover designer

“A book full of wisdom and magic, I could not stop reading it.
One of those rare reads that you do not know you need until you finish it.
The wisdom of the ages is being collected in perfect synchronicity, so be prepared to go on a journey with the author.”

Danny Hayett

Entrepreneur & Investor

“Greetings, light beings of Terra, I am Arianne, and we are the Pleiadians,
We support and encourage the being called Richard in your language on the path to spread love and light and raise the vibration of the planet as it enters the 4th dimension. This being has chosen to serve the one infinite Creator and has come to this planet with a clear mandate to guide, teach and liberate souls enslaved in the lower vibrational system led by your elite.
This book is one of many to come, with wisdom from higher dimensions for the awakened to remember, commute and celebrate their freedom.”


Goddess of the Pleiadeans (12.12.2021)

"The Indigo Code is an epic adventure that will transport you to another time and place. If you're looking for a book that will take you on an adventure, the Indigo Code is it. I loved it!"

Caitlyn O'hara III

Shadow Podcaster

“Dana has years of rich experience of working with artists across the world, to mold their art into a business. Urban art development together with authorities. RL Holding Real Estate, GM. Her experience is worth gold, her insights are priceless.”

Diana Goldberg

Art & Business Consultant
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