Trilateral Lucid Dreams With Private Notes

Trilateral Lucid Visions – October 25, 2022, | Richard Lionheart

Welcome light warriors around the planet, today I had profound Trilateral Lucid Visions, or as some call them Dreams.
They have personal messages for me and are hidden from humanity which I will share in a separate post in due time. There is, however, a special bonus here – I shared my fresh original notes, a couple of hours after the events has occurred.

“Checking Out”

I’m in a condominium tower, living in an apartment with roommates. That reminded me of the time in TP’s apartment. The apartment was number 6, on the 6th floor.

I got noticed that I need to be down, as I am moving to a different location (felt South-America vibe), so I went up in the elevator to get my stuff (was packed already with two new small black Samsonite suitcases, like it was done with thought alone. and somehow I don’t recall packing), and I got there. Time is of the essence so I rushed inside, straight into a hallway.

On the floor of the room, there were 2 young males playing cards. The place looked like a mess all over. My room was clean and ready to check out from the compound.

I asked them: “Where are my suitcases?”

They replied: “We don’t know.”

I asked again: “What is that place?  They didn’t answer me.

I felt not belong there, and I needed to get to my ride. It was a private ride to a private Jet that someone sent for me. I was in a hurry but not panicked as I knew that my ride is secured and guaranteed.

I went out to the entrance door of the apartment. seeing the number 7. My reaction was: “I have already been in number 7 all of my life. Not for me”, and went down to Apartment number 6 where I entered to see two suitcases waiting for me.

I took with me a stroll like you take at the Airport to take baggage. Somehow it was small and loading the luggage was complicated, so I’ve decided at the moment that those suitcases are my past, and I need to let them go. So, I did!

I went down to the lobby, where my driver was waiting for me.

“Señor Ricardo. Vamonos!”





“Floating on Air”

I was walking in the streets of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil with young people and pretty women. Summer day, clear blue sky above.

I’ve decided that I want to save some time and fly. I focused for less than 3 seconds and started to rise into the air. This flight was different, as I was vertical, standing on solid ground with confidence.

Magneto is Flying

It was so easy, without any effort, just a split-second focus, and I was on the air. Then I was moving forward as I was walking – I was maneuvering with my consciousness like aliens maneuver their ships.

It was easy as 1..2..3


I was smiling and laughing like a little boy, it was a burst of loud laughter, just pure joy. Finally, I’ve mastered this skill with perfect synchronicity.

This time there were no obstacles such as trees or power cords, all free. I can descend and rise at will, even before the thought-form is formed it’s done!

When flying low (30ft above ground level) I saw a large fabric pergola. I needed to rise above it. There was a second of insignificant fear but I was levitating above it with ease. Other than that, it was much more fun, the higher, the better fun it gets. I am flying and seeing people down there who are walking.

They saw me as an Alien God as ancient ones did.



“Cable Car in the Sky”

I was a guest in a four seasons resort in the snowing alpine mountains. Not only that, I was in the main dining room for breakfast getting ready for a meeting later on. The dining room lounge had a full glass wall watching over the mountains.

The sky was clear blue with the sun.

Cable car in the sky

From the left side of the resort, a cable car departed and went straight up. The difference is that the first one went straight up, 30° incline toward the sky.

There was no cable holding him – pure magic as he was going up.

I have tried to see what is holding him, and I couldn’t see anything at all. The end terminal was nowhere to be found.

I looked, and while I was guessing I was in the cable car. Yep! you guessed it – it was going to another planet, outside of Earth.

I was back in the lobby again. The second cable car went out, again without a seen cable to hold him.

I looked closely and saw a thin cable holding him, going to the top of the mountain, creating a big round arch, and going to the right side of the Four Seasons resort.
I didn’t go on that wagon, just watched it.





Original Insights – written a couple after the events took place


Checking Out Vision

Floor 6: Dimension 6 – Pleiadians, moving from there to my mission elsewhere. Number 6 represents cosmic balance in the tree of life.

Black suitcases: Baggage of the past aren’t needed for where I am going. Let go.

Check-Out: You are about to be called to your grand mission, be ready at any time. You’ve finished your duties both in Israel and in Portugal.

Private Ride: Help will be granted for you, all being paid and arranged for. Just show up.


Floating on Air

A new Era of mastering flight (ascension, freedom) has come. symbolizing my rising above the material plain limitation and doubts. It’s easier, fun, and without effort – It comes to you just 3 seconds of pure focus, don’t force more than that. You got it.

Blue Pergola Blue is the element of Air and communication. With a fun approach, you can have an easier communicating your messages. You built it already – Now they come.


Cable Car in the Sky

Ascension requires no logic, just observation. The car is a vehicle that not complying with 3rd-dimensional limitations and operation (what is possible or not).

The Observer Effect: You wanted to see the cable that holds the car on the second run, and you did saw it. What you want to see will appear. There was no need for that.


Richard Lionheart

25.10.2022 | 20:36pm


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