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Richard Lionheart

CEO & Founder of “RL Enterprises Group Ltd. 
Premium Inner-Circle Real Estate & Investment Firm. |  EpiConsciousness™ Speaker 

About Richard Lionheart

“The old structure of how we do business is collapsing, and your best chance to make it is to take the road less travelled”

For Richard Lionheart, the embodiment of his philosophy has made him to be an outsider who took the road less travelled without any choice. The phrase of “In the land of the blind, the one-eye man is king” became synonymous with Richard. A renegade that defies any mainstream limitations and authority who find himself working for other people but being miserable, until he decided to break his comfort zone.

That was the hardest challenge that any man who wishes to break free from the false matrix can ever face. You fight with old programming, negative people who don’t get you, but what gets it more specials for Richard is that his audience are Starseed-oriented entrepreneurs or one who aspire to be; and there are maybe 0.9% of mentors currently on our planet that know what they are going, and how to develop a holistic workspace when you are the boss.

Everything we knew and were costumed to act is about to change, as our true cosmic origin is being revealed, the monetary system is on the verge of a massive shift & the elimination of central banking and the FED; these changes are the one every entrepreneur has to be prepared to adapt and reshace yourself like a water.

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January, 2024

Richard Talks About The Business World Post Disclosure

"It seems that truer words were never spoken than 'In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king' when it comes to Richard Lionheart's life story. Everywhere he went, people sought his advice and shared their deepest secrets with him, without knowing why they did it. The analysis was laser-accurate, and the action plan was simple yet practical. The goal was to guide his prospects to awaken from the illusion of the matrix while becoming Entrepreneurs, as having “a job” isn’t acceptable. It’s the biggest Hoax!”

The Starseed Lounge™ Show

Richard has coined the new realm of Multidimensional Entrepreneurship™, where a young Starseed-Oriented Entrepreneurs can recall who they are, and learn how to use metaphysical skills to built and grow their enterprises that matches their blueprint. Everything is about to change! In this show we will discuss about Entrepreneurship of an awakened Starseed persons and their challenges that is much different from normal businessman and women. We will analyze the EpiConsciousness™ books, and the lifestyle that incorporates ancient wisdom with new business practices. Also on the show: Hot Seat Interviews.

Richard's New Book

"The Indigo Code - Indigo Starseed Journey to Earth"

Available Now on Amazon, in Kindle, Paperback, and Hardback editions. Workbook Included.

There are many young entrepreneurs, students, and aspiring individuals who earn their living well, but they tend to have rebellious hearts. Unfortunately, they feel forced to align themselves with mainstream society, which causes them inner pain, stress, depression, ADHD, ADD, and anger issues. These individuals are what we call Indigo or crystal children. They possess unique characteristics that require them to understand themselves and connect with others who can hear and understand them, for the first time.

The entire social structure of humanity is on the brink of a dramatic change as we move towards higher levels of consciousness. This shift will have a significant impact on our careers, business structures, and the way we work. The traditional concepts of "jobs" and the "employment" system will become obsolete as we move towards entrepreneurial and freelance-based spaces. Many individuals will choose to break free from the slavery system.

Richard Lionheart of 9th-Dimension-HQ. "Lucid Dreaming is a valuable tool for Starseed-Oriented Entrepreneurs, as it provides access to the subconscious mind and the Akashic records, which hold all of the answers. you can solve any personal or business issues through Lucid Dreaming.

“Hi, Paul Rogers here from Colombia…. I wanted to talk about my results after working with my “Multidimensional Travel Guide” (if I can describe it) Richard Lionheart… I’m 44 years of age, a late bloomer, and met Richard at a Starseed conference in Lisbon, Portugal in 2022… 1,200 attendees, 9 Speakers, 3 days, and somehow, I connected with him as we shared almost the same struggle in life. I felt different since I was a kid, and Oh Boy, did I suffer from that. Everyone thought I was broken, weird, perhaps ADD, my parents hooked me up with all kinds of therapists; you name it, I’ve tried them all, but no one managed to figure out what the heck was wrong with me… And then I met Richard for the very first time. He pointed me to the audience and took me on a live Hot-Seat session. That was scary, like Jim Carry. Richard was able to pinpoint my life path without knowing me to the letter, he explained why I was going through this and for what purpose. He also gave me a blueprint for going my way in Business. 60 minutes of the mind-blowing session with a simple and yet practical step-by-step guide (I took afterward a three-session journey), and it paid off. I am a Starseed, and I didn’t know that before. Now my business revenue is €2,500,000 a year; compared to €18K a year in 2021 as an employee. It’s only took me a few minutes to know he is the GOAT.” – Paul Rogers

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