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In order to make the best of the Indigo Code Course Book, Download & print this workbook
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Grab The "Black Roses" Checklist
Chapter 12 is one the most important milestones in this book, as it allows you to identify any Energy Suckers in your environment.
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The Midnight-Train Fantasy Series
The First Book of the Series Has Been Published, And You Get to Read the First Chapter for Free, At Your Comfort of Your Home. Download and Enjoy the Ride
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The workbook is a vital part in your journey toward awakening and shifting into the 5th dimensional positive time line. It has 66 pages, Dozens of practices that targets your left-brain hemisphere. Enhance your journey of self-discovery and transformation with “The Indigo Code Workbook,” the perfect companion to the groundbreaking book, “The Indigo Code.” Dive deeper into the realms of consciousness, intuition, and personal growth as you unlock the hidden potential within you. This interactive workbook provides thought-provoking exercises, insightful prompts, and practical tools designed to help you apply the wisdom and teachings from “The Indigo Code” to your own life. Whether you’re a seeker of inner truths or a spiritual explorer, this workbook will empower you to harness the power of your unique indigo energy and create a life of purpose, authenticity, and fulfillment. Embark on a transformative journey and align with your true self.

Black Rose Checklist that will allow you to identify negative vortexes and people that may be currently in your life.
This worksheet is accompanied with chapter 12 of the “The Indigo Code – The story of the multidimensional entrepreneur”.


The first thing you need to make sure is where is your point of awareness is right now, Is it Upstream or Downstream. Than there will be a time that you will have to change your environment along with your lifestyle – hence let go of people that are no longer match your evolving vibration. Follow the steps listed here and you can quickly become more aware of the influences outside of yourself that derailing you from your destiny.


Indigo Code workbook can be ordered print version Amazon at €8.00

There's a New Sherriff in Town - The Starseed Lounge™ Show -. Every 8th & 28th

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In this show, we will have discussions in a lounge setting environment  about the challenges faced by Indigo Children and adults who are awakening from their “sleepwalking” trance state to a New reality that will affect everyone in 2024 and onward. We will discuss the path from 9-to-5 life to finding your Enterprise that matches your Akash records; Lucid Dreams; Using Psychic Skills to gain an unfair advantage over other’s; Hot Seats Sessions; Fantasy Writing Tips; White Hats Alliance Updates, and my books and other’s fellow Starseeds reviews. We are live on Rumble & Spotify. Every 8th and 28th of the month.  

Here Are 6 Rare Books That You Can Download For Free, Specially for The Indigo Code Readers

The Law of One - The Ra Material - The Complete Five Books Series... +1 More Bonus!

Another Must Read Book for Free Thinkers

“Hi, Paul Rogers here from Colombia…. I wanted to talk about my results after working with my “Multidimensional Travel Guide” (if I can describe it) Richard Lionheart… I’m 44 years of age, a late bloomer, and met Richard at a Starseed conference in Lisbon, Portugal in 2022… 1,200 attendees, 9 Speakers, 3 days, and somehow, I connected with him as we shared almost the same struggle in life. I felt different since I was a kid, and Oh Boy, did I suffer from that. Everyone thought I was broken, weird, perhaps ADD, my parents hooked me up with all kinds of therapists; you name it, I’ve tried them all, but no one managed to figure out what the heck was wrong with me… And then I met Richard for the very first time. He pointed me to the audience and took me on a live Hot-Seat session. That was scary, like Jim Carry. Richard was able to pinpoint my life path without knowing me to the letter, he explained why I was going through this and for what purpose. He also gave me a blueprint for going my way in Business. 60 minutes of the mind-blowing session with a simple and yet practical step-by-step guide (I took afterward a three-session journey), and it paid off. I am a Starseed, and I didn’t know that before. Now my business revenue is €2,500,000 a year; compared to €18K a year in 2021 as an employee. It’s only took me a few minutes to know he is the GOAT.” – Paul Rogers

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