Indigo Code Resource Page

Here you can download the accompanying workbook that will get you into action mode. For more bonuses and downloadable bonuses mentioned in the book, you can find them in your member area.

Inspired Action that feels like a game to you!

Congratulation! You've decided to make the most of the "Indigo Code" transformation process, and take Action & grow.

1. Download and Print the workbook.
2. Watch the "How to use this book?" video below.
3. Register to the website to gain access to the indigo vault!
4. Follow the Starseed Lounge on & on Rumble.

3D workbook 2

Quick Guide - How to use the Indigo Code Masterclass

"Ok, Richard. I got the book, but how do I use it?"

1. Watch the video
2. Read the Transcript
3. Ready? Let's buzz the tower, maverick!

What Can You Find in your Member Area?

Once you will be registered, you will be able to access your member's area, on the top right corner of your page. Inside:

1. Member's Only Blog posts
2. Galactic News Updates
3. Exclusive Downloadable bonuses
4. Podcast Member Access

The Indigo Code Author.

Richard Lionheart
CEO & Founder

We are now looking to expand our team members, so if you are connected to our mission and vision, check out the "We Are Growing" link on the footer to see how you can contribute to yourself, humanity, and your family.


Adriane Romero Santos
HR Manger

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